5 most annoying human habits.

Hello all! Today I make my list-post debut . Human habits are many. And I must say, some of them have been consistent in their efforts to vex me well enough to make my blood reach it’s boiling point. So do read on, as I list five of them, which have elbowed their way from many other habits, to make it to my exclusive list of the most annoying habits of human beings.


We can speak.We can hear.We can see.These are our only natural ways of communication.If we use these tools effectively, then we can communicate well without misunderstandings.Unfortunately, some people complicate this process of communication by expecting others to understand exactly what they expect/desire/like/dislike/love/hate/want/not want without the use of simple conversations.They expect you to know these things without being told or expressed in any clear way. Also, their words belie their thoughts. For example:

A asks B, ” I am making myself some ramen, should I make some for you too?”

B replies ” No! Please don’t bother! ” But B expects A to make some ramen for him too. And when A does not take the invisible cue, B forms an opinion on A.

Now this is a very simple, basic example. But imagine this happening on a larger scale, with more seriousness and intensity. Imagine how relationships break in life because people want to be understood without expressing with words, their thoughts. Imagine relationships breaking, because people want to be understood without expressing at all.



A and B are trying out a food joint. A thinks the pav-bhaji is delicious and even says so cheerfully to B. But B just grimly says, ” Oh! But this is nothing in comparison to the pav-bhaji I had had in XXXX place this one time in Kolhapur. ” A looks on as B continues with his rant on the other food joint, while stuffing himself with extra helpings of the pav-bhaji of the current food joint they are in . A sighs deeply, because this is not the first time this has happened.

The above example, is an attempt to articulate, this habit. Champions of this habit, are always in ” that one time” , “that one place”, ” those good old days” or in life, “that particular phase”. They live in every moment, situation, event or place, but the present. They keep comparing the present to these, and end up destroying it for themselves as well as others. Like I have said in one of my previous blogs, living in the past is a dangerous activity.


This, I most particularly despise. That’s because I often take part in speaking contests and even speak for class presentations. Now let me say, that my complaint is not against people who yawn occasionally or get fidgety when someone is speaking or performing , but against those, who make it a point to poke fun at the speaker/performer by exchanging glances, constantly chattering with others, or passing judgement after judgement —- as if it is required at all. No one is really perfect and it would be better if people quietly acknowledged that someone had the courage to step on a stage, when they themselves did not.

bad habits 1


A did not really want to study with C. That’s because C spends most of  the time asking the silliest, most trivial and unimportant doubts! 

A pedantic person is one who is obsessed with minor details or rules. He/she fawns and fusses over the slightest “mistake” and wastes valuable time to perfect them when there are issues of more significance screaming to be addressed within a limited time frame. People who resort to pedantry are highly irritating, especially when they work in a group, as they make it difficult for the others with their fastidious ways.


I have very little to say about this because a lot has already been said about it. The picture will say it all !


Source of all images: google images

So here I end my little list. Agree with me? Disagree with me? Let me know. I would like to have discussions on my comment section, which is rather desolate. 😦 😛


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