Hello readers! Today, I present to you my second short story. I really am not good at writing cheesy, but do consider this my own take on…wait..let me not let out spoilers..read on!

He was so tiny.Actually all third graders were.But he was a little smaller than the rest in size. But very,very aggressive.In the beginning of school, she had only observed him from a distance,she had seen him giving all the right answers in class and later, shouting orders to his dumb, tall friends in the recess.He,she believed, was just like a buzzing little bumblebee.The sort who looked small but would sting people on their behinds.She did not dare (nor did she care) to know him better, she was too scared to approach the likes of him. She had her own little rosy world of herself and her two best friends who she shared a bench and her lunch with. And then,one day her life changed.

“You talk a lot!” screamed the teacher.

Bumblebee was being scolded for this offence for the umpteenth time.And before she knew it, Bumblebee was made to sit with her.From  the very first day,the vibes they exchanged were far from friendly. He kept pushing her things aside and demanded more space. She,on the other hand–felt that her poor desk was being colonised.And sure enough, he had made it his own within a week’s time. She always felt inferior and small in his presence for he knew all the tables by heart,he did all the divisions well. And she hated maths. English was her forte!

He was audacious.She was not.And he would often use this to his advantage, to have fun by twisting her arm. Sadist!He would make her cry at times. She begged, pleaded with the teacher to change her place–but in vain. The teacher looked like she had a masters in the art of foolishness! Couldn’t she see? She had made a most wide-eyed, defenseless child sit with a foul, devilish creature that appeared cute to some!

The only time she and bumblebee had bonded was when once, there  was a free last period.All the children had sweaty heads and their uniforms too smelt of cool,child-sweat.Some were picking their noses, some were asleep.Some had soiled,tanned faces due to the intense P.T in the previous period.And she was tired too. So was he.She was resting her head on the desk and humming lightly, a popular film song.And Bumblebee, for the first time, joined her.They sang for a while till he stopped to correct her.She noticed a little scar on his brows.He was flashing a toothy smile. His teeth were also of really small size, some, even crooked. ” This one is about to fall, see!” He proudly declared. Looking at that fragile little mass of calcium, she burst out laughing. He laughed too. And that, was the first time they had exchanged friendly vibes.

Her woes, however,did not end there. They ended only when she changed her school.

She opened her eyes, it was time for college.So many years had passed away in quick succession, like the characters from a season of Game Of Thrones. She did not really remember much about her school life. She only had a few highlights–First grade,fifth grade and also the third grade–which was made horrible by a certain troublesome mite of a partner!

As she entered the classroom, she had a few jitters. After all, it was her first day in senior college.Like always, she found comfort with two girls who shared a bench and some hot lunch with her on the rainy July day.She was completely at peace in the arts classroom, tackling away all economic theories and questions from teachers–she had stunned everyone. As class got over, she received a text from a friend from third grade. Apparently,one of their classmates was in the same class as her.Her friend had asked her whether she knew him. She didn’t know this boy,she decided, but she did inquire with others whether there was a guy with that name.Turned out, there was. This boy was quiet and looked somewhat familiar,weirdly. He was pleased to know that she had been in his school once.They talked briefly, but they were both finding it difficult to concentrate on each other’s speech. You see, a young boy and a young girl are always awkward around each other–whether it is because of their hormones within or because of the culture they are raised in,that is not known!

 As she packed her bag and prepared to leave,they gave each other a clumsy smile.And that, was the moment she realised who he really was! No prizes for guessing!Yes! It was him! Troublesome little bumblebee had indeed grown up!She was filled with a sense of alarm, but simultaneously–she could feel a flurry of adrenaline in her blood.She hated him, even now, for giving her so much trouble but she was really,blushing the deepest red when their eyes met.

She was feeling a tingling sensation in her belly.She didn’t want him to know who she really was, for she feared he would go back to his old ways.As he waved her a bye, she thought she saw him blush too.She didn’t want this. She didn’t want this.She didn’t want such a catastrophe in her young life.She wanted to forget Bumblebee’s handsome face, his black beady eyes  and the scar on his brow–the one that could be noticed, only when he smiled.


2 thoughts on “BUMBLEBEE

  1. Shyamsunder Shenoy says:

    Hey… good one !! I enjoyed reading this 🙂 Is story continues ??
    What happens next day again they meet ??


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