My ideas of being human.

I had three other topics to choose from, but I dismissed them. The truth is, I am intuitive and it is my heart that rejected them, not my mind. It is my heart that decides what is right for me and what is wrong. What is interesting and what is banal. Sometimes this heart opens it’s doors to many, without knowing the consequences of doing so. It opens it’s doors to forces that keep it warm. But it also opens it’s doors to fears and insecurities that give it great pain.

This heart can keep warm, the hearts of many others. It can listen patiently. It can sacrifice willingly. But can it stand up for itself ? That I do not know. But this heart is indeed very different from the mind. It is naive and forgetful. It often fights with the mind. It ignores the warnings of the mind. It loathes the mind for it’s cynicism. But when it is betrayed or hurt, it quietly acknowledges the mind’s superiority and sheer brilliance. It resents it’s own decisions and even if bitterly, marvels at the power of the mind in anticipating the worst.

source: google images

source: google images

And in all this, it is really embarrassed to acknowledge that it is only needy– just like the other hearts in the world. And all it needs is someone to feel for it. To not be indifferent towards to it. This, is precisely my idea of being human. I can be human only when I am all heart and am able to understand the hearts of others. When I am able to resurrect my self esteem by letting my heart heal it’s own wounds. When I can allow my heart to let in humanity in it’s most pristine form and not give in to the cynicism of the mind.

The above is a write-up I had written to apply to my college magazine. The topic was ” My ideas of being human”.


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