Raindrops and Indian lives.

As I write this, the air is cool and it is wet outside my bedroom window. I am writing this blog after an episode of the latest season of Masterchef Australia( some of the highlights of the episode are still running through my mind ). Also, I am really tired.

I would have had some will if it was some other day of the year. But this time of the year is that time when I am particularly weak-willed when it comes to battling my tiredness or stated in a better way, my laziness. I can just not work hard during the monsoon!

I have never really liked this season. I know I am going to be very unpopular after this blog ( especially with the romantics), but I must confess that my hatred for monsoon is most heart felt and profound. I find this season, to put it very honestly– gross! The muddy puddles, different kinds of worms everywhere, less or no sunlight, and well, Indian dust and water that produce the world’s best mud ( the same mud was trying to creep up on my favourite shoes).

Monsoon for me, is nothing but one of God’s well executed pranks. Come on. Think about it. When I board a train, the seats look like someone has deliberately sprinkled water on them. Why, the trains are hand in glove with him in this! They can give any diva a run for her money with the amount of time they can make people wait for them! When the trains finally arrive, every middle class Mumbaikar heaves a sigh of relief . But at the same time, his heart lets out a cry of panic. Of doom. Yes, he can reach home . But how is he going to deal with the mad crowd inside a late train in this overpopulated country? Indeed, the rains slow down our trains . And also our spirits and quality of life .


Last Friday , it rained so heavily that Mumbai got invaded by floods. As usual, the trains ditched everyone. It was truly a reminder of the disastrous 26th July 2005. When Mumbai had seen its most dangerous floods and many had lost their lives. So Friday was declared a holiday by my college. I wasn’t complaining at all. Why doesn’t our very efficient government declare monsoon vacations after all? The rain disrupts our classes, work and lives anyway!


The air is still cool. And it’s pleasant too. It actually feels like this season is God’s little conspiracy to make us fall asleep. To make people fall in love. To make the plants dance and buds bloom. To make the world green and prosperous.
Wait , do I really hate this season as much as I think I do?


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