Mumbai locals’ mahilas.

Mahila. This,in Hindi means a woman.So today my blog is on some of the mahilas found in the Mumbai local trains! First of all, let me brief you about my situation.I board the ladies first class everyday to college and while coming back.This coach is specially reserved for ladies 24/7 and sure enough, males never enter the ladies coach or mahila dabba.To mark this special coach there is a picture of a woman painted outside as well as inside the compartment. This picture is the portrait of a quintessential Indian woman who wears a bindi, and comes across as demure–holding the cloth of her saree in her hands and sindoor smeared on the head. But these painted pictures are never allowed to be.These pictures are often tampered with by rogue children or others who enter the compartments when no one is around. Sometimes they scrape the paint off or draw over them and this results in the portraits looking hilarious! Today I found a rather scary version while in the train ! Here, have a look:


The paint in her eyes had been peeled off and so, it appeared as if the whites of her eyes were spilling out. The area of her lips had a “vaseline” sticker stuck on it which made her look like a monster with a wide mouth and fearsome teeth! Also, some of the paint on above had also been peeled off and this made for a very scary sight! Though the picture was scary– I laughed, for it is only in the Mumbai locals that life is as interesting as this. Where the banality of the government merges with the creativity( or rather destructiveness) of the population and gives out results that divert your mind from your smartphone,your thoughts or simply–a bad day in life.


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