A tale of two maids!

Good evening everyone! I did not blog for the past two weeks as I hadn’t been keeping too well. Since my vacations are going on I sleep really late at night. So the headaches have been eating away my blogging time!

Anyway, today I have a wonderful topic to blog on. Today’s article will be on Sarita! Sarita, my friends, is my maid.She does the cleaning,sweeping and dish-washing at our home.Me and my mother cannot do without her.Our lives turn around and hearts skip several beats every time she announces that she will take a day off ( which the poor thing rarely does).It is torture in it’s most pristine form for my working mother, when there is no Sarita for a day. It is also something I most particularly detest as the day Sarita takes a leave, the responsibility of sweeping the home becomes mine!

But no matter what, me and mother can tolerate these minor irritations. We are fighters.We can manage a day without our maid. Especially my mother. And with thoughts like these, we were living well. And then one day, Sarita threw a shocker our way. She was going on leave for four days. And this brought my life to a standstill because this was exactly the time my mother was to visit her mother. Both my mother and Sarita are humans. Both deserve breaks. And it was neither’s fault. It was no one’s fault that there was no Sarita for four days, no mom for three days and I would be left at home to manage it like the woman of the house.

But my mother turned out to be clever. Very clever. She devised a plan. She hired a temporary maid for those four days to do Sarita’s work.She hired—Anjali. And it is after four days of Anjali that I realised why Sarita is the best maid ever. The true reason why we love Sarita is not just because she does our work. But because she does it perfectly. She is a perfectionist. The one hour she spends in our place everyday, she completely owns it. She is the queen of the utensils and will scrub them until they show her, her own reflection. Her large fish-like eyes outsmart even the smallest of spots that manifest our creamy white floor. Sarita can often be seen intensely rubbing our floor till the floor squeakes hard as if begging to be left alone! Truly, Sarita is a wonderful worker who puts in her hundred percent to her work.

Anjali, on the other hand is the complete opposite. I do not know what motivates her to be so bad at her work ( probably the temporariness of her job) but she is easily the worst in her work. After she washes our utensils, we have to double wash it before eating as there are always dish-soap stains on them. While sweeping, she only pretends to sweep ( my poor grandmother follows her from room to room). She has quite a reputation, that one! She has been already dropped from three homes and the most common complaint about her is that she is a kaamchor!

source: google images

source: google images

This,may seem so trivial to you all.Seriously! Why is Amrita blogging about two maids? But friends, this is not as trivial as it seems. Sarita may be poor, uneducated and not really a noble prize winning great. But each day, she inspires me. She makes me want to be like her. Serving as an example, she makes me understand that when one works–he/she should respect their work, honour it with hardwork and embellish it with sweat and blood . No matter how big or small the work is.She makes me realise that we must be so efficient in what we do,that the day we are not around our co workers or employers miss us. Not that Anjali did not teach me anything. Anjali taught me through her example how half-work gets us nowhere.She taught me that when we do bad work we end up lowering nothing but our own dignity and that the respect we have for ourselves, we show to our work.

And this, readers, was a tale of two maids. Full of facts carefully observed, collected and preserved in the brain of this writer and also peppered with a lot of her ramblings.


9 thoughts on “A tale of two maids!

  1. Sarath Warrier (@wsarath) says:

    ‘Thought provoking!’ in the sense that why would a person not contribute his/her best? Why are some always too lazy? Some of your earlier blogs hint at bringing about social equality but how can any social system be just when people don’t really want to be equals even when an opportunity is given to them?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amrita Shenoy says:

      What an absolutely beautiful comment . Really, why are some always lazy or just don’t prefer working well? And you are right when you say working well is the only way we can become equals !


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