Disposing off my past tickets.

Being human, I have quite a few bad habits. One bad habit I have been trying to curb since forever is my tendency to collect old bus tickets. Before you think I am actually into collecting tickets, let me tell you that these tickets get accumulated because of my inefficiency and not any special attachment to them!

What happens is that when I buy a ticket in a bus everyday on my way to the railway station, I store the ticket in my wallet so as to have it in case the ticket checker arrives. But after the bus ride the correct place for a used ticket is the dustbin. But being the procrastinator that I am I put away this task for later, and the result is several past tickets in my wallet after a period of time !

This, is such a simple problem in a third world country where people die of hunger and frightening diseases.And yet it is so difficult to curb.Having been observing this habit closely, realization has slowly been gently nudging my sluggish brain to understand that we live our lives exactly like our habits–good and bad.

I realize that so many of my life’s situations are like these tickets. They are all useful, but need to be forgotten at the right time, disposed away. And yet, I hold on to them without showing any signs of moving on. I let the baggage of my past and unnecessary events get accumulated in my life.

When past tickets flood my wallet, it makes for the worst sight ever. Full of pink,ugly tickets of no value cluttering away it’s red body and an absolute disaster when my fingers try to reach out for a coin or two to give to some grumpy bus conductor the exact change.This is exactly what happens to my life too. It is still reeling under the effects of a past long gone and is not beautiful anymore because of all the clutter and mess in it. What happens is, that so busy am I freshening up old, dried wounds that I actually miss out on things that are problematic in the present. So busy am I, in letting the past accumulate–that I hardly realise that I am restricting space for the present to fill in.That I am restricting space for the really useful things in life.

I am glad I have begun to think about this and since the past few days not just have I diligently been throwing away used tickets and keeping my wallet clean but I have also, with great effort( trust me, a great deal of efforts)Β been able to identify the unnecessary and useless in my room, my study desk as well as my life ( my mother is definitely going to weep tears of joy and pride!).

I am glad that this is happening, for I love this time when I am disposing off my past tickets. The tickets in my wallet as well as the tickets in my life.


3 thoughts on “Disposing off my past tickets.

  1. Paddy says:

    Well Ammu, You arent alone in this struggle… πŸ™‚ Sometimes my wallet feels like a brick and i really could hurt someone if i flung it… Its always cluttered with Credit card stubs and very old receipts… I usually keep the stubs incase i need to dispute with the bank but its never happened.. Guess i need to let go of this habit

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