When nature unleashed her great fury.

It was the day the skies roared

when the grounds shook with a deafening noise

with brute force–no polite warning, no charming poise.

The day devilish waters upwards soared,

drowning the rich,poor and others alike,

Leaving behind the ruins of a world,

which was now a rotten sike.

I was just lazing around casually last Saturday when my mother burst into my room with the news of the Nepal earthquake. This earthquake was no ordinary one–7.9 in magnitude and one that caused serious damage not only to Nepal but also to northern and north eastern India. I checked whatsapp to find a text from my friend Apoorvi who stays in Varanasi, North India. She had felt the tremors too and so had many others who were uploading facebook statuses and marking themselves “safe” on facebook. Unfortunately, this was not all. Several more aftershocks later, a powerful 6.7 magnitude quake hit Nepal again.

source : google

To say that this is spine chilling is an understatement. I went back to the time when I was around 13 and the Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster had taken place in Japan. I went back in time and recollected the Kashmir floods, and the harrowing 26th of July, 2005 when Mumbai had been hit by the worst of floods. And also to the time hurricane Katrina had swallowed everything in it’s path. To the time when every newspaper was full of news related to the Kutch earthquake in India. All of them had a common link. Destruction of property and life, a destruction so great that all of humanity had been united in pain and grief–irrespective of class, caste, religion, beliefs. Destruction sure does strike each and every one with equal intensity, without any discrimination.


source : google

After hearing about the Nepal earthquake I thought, what is it that really triggers off natural disasters? I have a reason to believe that nature is angry with how we are treating her and this is just her way of telling us the same. She has given us the land we live on, the food we eat. Our surroundings so aesthetic, the air we breathe. She has given us beauty in all aspects of life and one does feel  that she has given it all quite selflessly. But all we have bombarded her with is more demands, and ruthless exploitation of her resources, and complete disregard for the rest of her children namely flora and fauna.

Here is a tale I had studied in a textbook when I was a child.

Nature welcomed man and promised to give him space to live. She had been sitting down with legs spread straight, so she folded her legs in order to create more space so that both of them could stay. But man soon started demanding more space. So nature stood up in order to create more space.But alas! Even this wasn’t enough for man and as he started pushing and beating for all the space, she couldn’t bear it any longer and was compelled to push him away with great force. She was compelled to unleash her great fury upon him!

Another thought that crosses my mind as I write this article is that, was mere disregard for mother nature the cause of all these disasters? The truth is that humans don’t really value human lives and civilization enough.They some times don’t even value their own selves and what they have.They are perpetually stuck in labyrinths of sufferings they create for themselves by employing their own minds.They are not united and their world revolves only around themselves. And this is when I feel that nature steps in and punishes them so harshly, forces them to value what they have. Forces them to appreciate the pleasures of life, the pleasures of being safe with their loved ones in a cozy blanket of a home. Forces all the humans of the world to stand united, as a global family–ignoring their own shallow boundaries.

It is painful to know that Nepal lost some of its historical monuments, so many of its hardworking citizens, so many of its future citizens and so many resources. But among all the pain, all the fear, is a faint light of hope. The light created by all the different countries that are sending aids and other help to Nepal.

Indeed, the earthquake may have crushed buildings and people.But what cannot really be crushed is faith and hope. So don’t lose hope, dear brothers and sisters in Nepal and other affected parts. We are all praying for you, all of us .


4 thoughts on “When nature unleashed her great fury.

  1. apoorvi rai says:

    I m glad u chose this topic for your blog.
    And the way you have put forward your views or rather the truth is commendable.
    I m already your fan!trust me.
    And this Nepal earthquake is just a reminder to mankind that we have to live on this earth as tenants, if we try to become the owners then we will have to face the consequences.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yuga says:

    Amrita that’s written so beautifully right from the heart really appreciate it.
    I really loved the angle of nature stepping in when we fail to connect among ourselves being humans.
    Indeed the faith and hope in disaster brings every kind of humanity out there together.
    Keep it up dear looking forward for more insightful reads.
    ~Yugandhara Katkar

    Liked by 1 person

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