Penning it down.

There has to be some important reason for me to avoid blogging. But yesterday , I didn’t blog because my smart phone gave me the red signal( literally) , with 7 percent charge ! Talking of  ‘ important ‘ reasons , I have realised that one has to keep everyone hale , hearty and happy in this age– even a smartphone ( A very ill mannered one in my case!) Well. For today, here is a small poem I wrote. This poem ( one I wrote quite recently)  is not one of my favourites. But I am sharing this for all those who experience even remotely, the existential crisis I go through . Here it is:

My dreams are grand, but actions not

and this trait in me, I distinctly despise

for which one intelligent and willfully wise,

feigns to work, but works really not?

I have never seriously thought, nor painstakingly wrought

for I trivialize, abuse– my precious time.

I squander it away, let it decay like slime

as my limbs lay idle , and capacities rot!

But go! says my head and so echoes my heart

“Give back to your god, to this wonderful world,

give up giving up”,  they together opine.

So by them when my being is cleared of clart,

and towards my sloth passionate abuses hurled,

Inspiration in hand , I pen this poem fine.

PS: The above poem is actually an Italian sonnet ( or at least my first attempt at one). Italian sonnets have 14 lines and contain an octet ( first eight lines) and a sestet( next six lines). It also has a specific, well structured rhyme scheme of abba abba cde cde. Check for yourself! Would like to know your thoughts on it ! 😀


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