Go, but stay.


We all know that some people are extra-special in our lives. Today’s blog is dedicated to a very dear friend who has shifted to another state and has left the city.

I met Apoorvi Rai ( a.ka. Appy) in 2013, when I was studying in second year junior college. I had seen girls like her before– tall, slender and gorgeous with silken straight hair. And I had conveniently assumed that she would be a pretty snob. That was so easy to do considering the girls I had come across in school.

And now I love the fact and am thankful, that I was proved wrong. A mention of Deepika Padukone was enough for us to start talking! Indeed, I will always be grateful to Deepika for uniting me and Appy in our common love for her.

Our friendship is unique and it is a pity that I have to describe it through a medium as incompetent as words . In my quiet , nerdy life she was a welcome change. Like Alaska Young from John Green’sĀ  ‘Looking for Alaska‘. Quoting lines from the book I will tell you what she is in comparison to me:
If people were rain, I was a drizzle and she a hurricane!

That is exactly what she is! I am a cloud– all vanilla and light blue. Extremely sober and goody-goody. To my cloud, she is sunshine. Exuberant, genuinely warm and makes you wake up! To my autumn she is the spring, the yang to my yin. She is the playful to my mature and the naive to my astute.

She recently left the city and won’t be next to me, for the next two years. But I have learnt that without knowing it, I had opened my heart’s doors to her– the door I consciously avoid opening, to so many people. So madam has booked a permanent place in my heart . I so wish for her to come back. But I know that some people must go. This is what teaches you how transient life is.
So If you are reading this Appy, some where in Varanasi– hair pulled back in a messy bun and donut in hand, all I want to tell you is that if you must go, go by all means. But stay. Always stay in my heart dear Appy! :’)

Lots of love and may god shower you with lots of blessings and vodka!


4 thoughts on “Go, but stay.

  1. apoorvi rai says:

    Some words and memories are simply meant to live with you forever
    And this beautiful piece of writing touching every chord of my heart is simply one of them!
    And some people are meant to be your mental and emotional strength and so are you!
    Thank u so much baby for dedicating one of your blog to me
    I m going to miss you so much!
    I loved each and every part of the writing
    Especially the mention of donuts and vodka!! XD you write exceedingly well and you have proved it once again!
    My mom loved it too and hallelujah! U got one more fan šŸ˜›
    We will always stay in touch
    And I love u a lot

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