Cheers to small scale fame!

Today I am super happy. Wait. Let me explain. It is a long story.

I , like every other person, happen to be human. Therefore, I often tend to get bored during lectures in college ( Ramnarain Ruia college, Mumbai). As a result, my boredom habitually gets converted into manga/anime drawings on the benches.

So it was another boring day the day before yesterday. And the bench was alluringly clean and creamy. So before I knew it, I had drawn quite a lot of anime faces on the bench! I was pretty pleased with myself. After all,I had drawn in a boring lecture and not slept my way through it. Something productive.

I always draw on benches. But this time I wrote a note on it too.

” Don’t mind the drawings. Just filling Ruia with some art– AS”

This is what I wrote. Also, I was cheeky enough to write down the link to this blog too. I believed that no one would really see it.

But guess what? A lot of people have seen it! When I saw the bench today, there were some replies written there. ” We don’t mind the drawings at all. Keep filling Ruia with art– AD” said one. And then, came an exciting moment when one of the people actually visited this blog through the link! The person complimented me and told me to continue to make Ruia’s “boring benches” interesting! HOW EXCITING! Absolute strangers liking what you randomly do out of boredom!

Truthfully , there is nothing very philosophical in today’s blog. Nor is it comic, dramatic , sad or awesome. It just describes an experience I will cherish! A new experience. Getting appreciation from strangers. Something I had never received !

Anyway, I am much more motivated to draw manga/anime now. I will never give up my dream of drawing manga as a hobby. Cheers to that šŸ™‚


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