Valentine’s day.

So I don’t think anybody cares that I didn’t blog last Monday because of my exams. And that is because today’s topic is very,very interesting!

The coming Saturday is Valentine’s day. A lot of preparations are being done for this all over the world. So, if I take into consideration all that happens in my daily life– love means taking people to cafΓ©s, restaurants , movies or gifting them expensive things. Love today also means changing your relationship status online or declaring it with an instagram or Facebook post. Love means being possessive. Love means physical lovemaking( most believe that romantic relationships can’t exist without this). Love means being best friends with the one who is loved. Love means manipulating the person to love you back. Love means suppressing your own desires and wishes to make way for the loved one’s own. Love means having someone to cater to your heart’s whims and fancies. Love means neverΒ  forgetting that one special person. Love means a broken heart. Love means weeping tears of happiness as well as joy. Love means foolishness. Love means madness.

Okay, these are my observations. The information has been gathered from different sources. I know it would take forever so I am not writing all my observations. But I just feel that why is there such a hullabaloo about something that we should naturally be giving and getting ? I have never been in the kind of love which my generation is in . But I believe love is quietness. At least for me. There are different ways of loving someone. And for me , love is being in a state of madness–quietly. Loving that lucky one heart and soul and sacrificing more than even you can anticipate , but never letting the person know( not that they should never know !).Being that person’s biggest well wisher. Thinking of the person everyday of your life without knowing why. This, I believe, is the most romantic form this emotion can take. A simple form of affection which is true . Honest.

But what a dreamy, fantastic concept this is .Can people even love quietly? Forget loving others, can they bring themselves to love and respect their own selves?

All I want to say is that we all have our idea of love. But we may not find “our kind of love”. It’s just that we all have to find the source of unconditional love within us. And learn to love ourselves. And it is then that we can share it with someone else. Sorry for seeming like a butt hurt in this blog. You see, grapes are sour this Valentine’s day! Anyway, Happy Valentine’s day all πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s day.

  1. Srushti Bansode says:

    How indeed truly said amriiii πŸ˜‰ Came to ur blog tdae (I’m damn sry I culdnt do it bfore) and read dis post on Valentines.. Mesmerising it is.. Yeah i too feel our generation thinks if sumeones LOVE LIFE IS HAPPENING THEYRE COOL AND TEND TO BCUM POPULAR nd wid dis mindset they trap themselves by establishing relationships jst fr namesake.. With this they live a life of illusion which is sooner or later broken πŸ˜‰
    Indeed our grapes are sour this tym.. bt u know aged grapes make way for the finest wines πŸ˜‰ And yeah shall be glued to see more of ur blogs now onward πŸ™‚


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