No blogging today.

Today I have decided not to blog as my head is feeling really, really heavy. It is already tilted at an angle as it’s owner is typing away some words in a semi conscious state with blinding white light all around.

I have decided not to blog because I am very tired of doing less work than usual and lazing around. I have decided that I am going to chose quality of life and go to bed instead of writing.

I want to give myself a break and hopefully drift into a very deep, dream enriched sleep. I want to wake up healthy to a patient world which makes me a good person myself. Which teaches me to be patient.

I deliberately choose not to write a blog as I feel I need to concentrate on studying. And also , I need to give my brain some nourishment ( my mental health has been deteriorating at a fast pace). I need rest.

And so, I choose not to blog. And yet I type all of this , save it , and post it on WordPress. Against all odds, here it is, the blog I never wanted to post. The one I had consciously avoided. Or at least tried to.


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