Today !

Generally, I talk about what has passed. The week that went by had an impact on me. But today I will talk about today. That was spent so well.

I woke up with Monday morning blues( though they are called “Monday” morning blues, I have them everyday of the week except Saturday and Sunday!). What I otherwise do is mentally grumble my way to the shower. But for a change, today I prepared myself some hot water– and believe me , this is the best bath I have had in ages!

However, I got a little carried away by the hot water bath and seemed to be a little late as me and my brother ran to catch our train. We made it , but alas! All the seats were full and even though I managed to request a woman to shift and give me a fourth seat accommodation ( on the already small first class seat) , I got space to rest only half my derrier. Bloody uncomfortable. But then I suddenly bumped into my friend Tarini,my pal from college. And, I decided that for the sake of quality of life, I would get down and take the next train with her. Wow. How badass, how adventurous for an eighteen year old!

The next train was scheduled five minutes later, but I felt that it was taking forever to come. Because I hate being late! And I prayed , that I do get to sit in the next train. For I had invested some time for it. The train came and I got a very comfortable spot! My efforts or rather,my prayers paid off.

I reached college and the lectures just breezed past, like always. The last lecture being political science and communism as the topic,I answered less in class and nodded vigorously in approval whenever anyone said something I liked. I love being an arts student. It feels great.

Back home, I had the best sleep ever. Two hours of rest. With my energy back, I wasted no more time and began to enjoy myself further. I watched several do-it-yourself YouTube videos and amused myself. Then devised a plan to manage my time more efficiently for the days to come. Then I fooled around. Had dinner. After fooling around more, I realised I have to blog. And that I have no topic at all!

And then I thought, why not give my readers a glimpse in my daily life? Why not show them how I like to enjoy the little victories, the little fears I conquer everyday? The small, yet beautiful experiences I savour everyday? Even if it means the experience is just a bath?
This seems boring dear reader. But I urge you, to learn to enjoy today in order to enjoy life!


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