An open letter to 2014

Dear 2014,

How are we today? I must say, I am lazy right now and on a rule-breaking spree. You see, with two days left for your successor to come, I am getting a feeling that I can afford to break all rules and then start “afresh” with the new year!

I have had many years in my life ( for precision’s sake,18). But dear 2014, why do I feel that you have been more interesting than the rest? No year has given me so many new friends, a new blog, the first year of my senior college and so many other new experiences all together ! But  you were incredibly short. You just came and breezed past me so quickly. And so did all the festivals, one by one. In fact I am still in the time when we were all dancing to celebrate your arrival. But I must say, you were concise and to-the-point. You did not drag me along with you . Every moment, every day , every night, every experience, every person I met during the period you were with me– have taught me something.

Some of my best memories in your time with me are when I danced to Deepika Padukone hits to celebrate your arrival, arms in the air and hair swinging– it was 2:00 am. That moment when I saw my board results—with an adrenaline rush enough to revive 12 heart patients . When I had the most amazing karaoke performance with my aunt, cousin Anoushka, brother and my parents during my brother’s birthday. The Ganpati festival this year, which was so amazing that it inspired me to create this blog! When I sat down with Aruna and Supriya to create a really hilarious video. When Supriya lit up my heart , face and soul by managing to surprise me on my birthday, sitting miles away from me !

Now, before you begin to think you are perfect, let me sadly but truthfully tell you about the times when you were  not too nice to me. Why did you have to keep me away from my two friends ? Do you even know how painful it is, to be separated from the ones you love? Sigh. You have also given me some really bad days( with a great deal of help from me). Remember the time when I had forgotten my phone on the first day of college. I was having the worst cold one can imagine and I forgot my phone home on a rainy day in Mumbai! The month of October was the worst part of you ( like seriously, who has a malaria stricken brother, exams and troublesome people all at once?)

Anyway. I am perfectly aware that all of us have our good, bad and ugly sides. And so do you. I do not intend to judge you for the not-so-pretty sides of fact I actually think the good , positive parts of you are the ones I will remember you for. With two more days with you, I promise I am going to send you off with a bang! And though I will remember you , I swear I am not going to miss you. Because missing, regretting and looking back is passé now. Moving on, letting go and looking forward is in. May that be my new year resolution for 2015! Cheers to that 😀 Good bye 2014!


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