Guilty Christmas.

Okay. In the past 48 hours, my mind and body have been getting little injections of strong doses of guilt at regular intervals. There are probably a gazillion reasons for this guilt( I am exaggerating of course).

Firstly and supremely importantly I forgot to blog the Monday that passed. Therefore, here I am blogging on a Wednesday night! Well, the reason why I forgot to blog is as simple as excitement–excitement for the traditional day that was celebrated in my college yesterday. Dressing in a saree for the first time is very exciting for any Indian girl. So with my head full of this thought I forgot that I have to write! This becomes guilt number 1.


Me in my blue saree, with my friend!

Guilt number 2 is the fact that I had a large plate full of Chinese bhel. Oily, red coloured , salty chinese bhel that pushed away a week of hard work in the gym down the drain. To make it worse I forgot to do my exercises today!

Guilt number 3 is the fact that I left my friends Appy and Vedika and left early after traditional day got over. I could have waited for them and gone with them, but I was bothered about how crowded my next train would be. And then I remembered the countless times when they had stayed with me no matter which state they were in. They, unlike me, wait for their friends.I feel like a cold soul sometimes. I felt guilty for promising something and not fulfilling the same!

And of course. Here comes the final guilt. Alert readers will remember that I blogged about meeting Padma Bhushan Dr. BM Hedge last week. The day I had spoken to him, I had told him I would send him a link to this blog as soon as possible. But being the procrastinator I am (as you have rightly guessed by now) ,I have not sent it to him yet!

Wow. Somebody is going to have a guilty Christmas. I have been quite a naughty child I believe. I also troubled my mother today ! I guess Santa should deny me my gifts. But dear readers, Christmas is also about forgiving. Others as well as yourself. Letting go of the old, unnecessary happenings that bog you down and making way for the birth of a new, positive spirit– Christ.

So here I am , forgiving myself for being human ( This part was told to me in the most beautiful manner by my mother) .Trying to let go of the guilt and start afresh. Because sometimes , a naughty child should not be denied his gifts. He should be forgiven. And be let of with a stern warning. The way I have done with myself for blogging on a Wednesday night! Merry Christmas everyone!


4 thoughts on “Guilty Christmas.

  1. apoorvi says:

    Oh my goodness!
    Amrita,my name finally found a place in Ur this fabulous blog!
    And u shouldn’t be guilty for leaving vedika n me behind.
    And ofcourse, u r an obedient child and we all love u!
    In fact I love u a lot….hahaha :*
    Merry Christmas!


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