When I met a great!

As I write this, it’s super chilly here. My fingers are numb. A lot happened over the past week but last Tuesday is one of the best days of my life. Undeniably!

On this day, for the first time in my life I met a scientist!  Padma Bhushan Dr. B.M Hedge, a cardiologist, teacher, retired vice chancellor of Manipal university and not to forget– a brilliant man, had come to my college to give a speech on the importance of value education.

What makes Hegde sir so great? What makes all the great people so ‘great’ ? Have you ever wondered dear reader? I had.

Meeting sir made me find the answer to this question of mine. I realised that there are many people who can blabber empty words without meaning them and shower others with dos and don’ts while comfortably excusing themselves from their own philosophies and ideas. But great people eat , breathe and sleep what they say. If they believe something, they follow it and live life by their philosophies. I happened to see this , when Hegde sir chose to sit and have his lunch in the sunlight as he believed sunlight is good for health!

The next thing I noticed is, truly great people are always humble no matter what they have acquired! It is no falsehood that the wannabes have all the pride. When I spoke to sir, I felt as if I were talking to my grandpa ( he teased me a lot !) This was his level of humility.


Another lovely attribute of great people is that they never reject knowledge. Never. A great person will never know only that much which his/ her profession requires. They know beyond that and challenge life to allow them to be all that they can be. Sounds clichéd , but they really do reach their full potential! Though sir’s mother tongue is Tulu, he spoke to me in very good konkani and conversed with another in Malayalam. He said that he knows around 7-8 languages partially ( so modest of him to say ‘ partially’!).

On being asked , that if he were to choose the subject closest to his heart from all that he has studied, he replied– human beings! Oh god. It was truly enriching as an experience, with so much to learn! I sound very fan girlish in this write-up. But you don’t meet such people everyday( be jealous, I mean it when I say ‘not everyday’)!

It is not everyday that we get to meet people like Dr. Hedge signing autographs for people while humorously answering your questions . Not everyday does he tell you , with utmost simplicity– to be a good human being to be happy.


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