21st century and values.

I am sitting here– smartphone in hand, typing my blog with 26 percent charge in my phone. Now this is what I call perseverance. Struggling , yet persisting and completing the task despite having so many hindrances ( low charge of phone, drowsy eyelids drooping, a brain that is too reluctant to give ideas , feelings of wanting to watch anime etc ). Well, enough of self admiration!

Perseverance is a skill. An important one I must say. But something crucial everyone forgets is that skills are useless, until they are used for common good.

‘Common good’ is a redundant term in this century. A century where everyone is out to find the best for themselves. Where everyone wants to grab opportunities even if it means trampling others under their feet. That is why, in this century people need to be taught values. Whether it is in the form of moral science lectures, or worse , textbooks that talk about values. Finding them on our own, through our experiences and deeds is a ridiculous thought.

I know that from this moment on , you will despise me for being superficial and cheesy( especially if you belong to my age group) but I have to say that I am very old school and am a fan of values, ethics, manners, goodness..all the “cheesy ” things.

But I choose to think differently about what people think about these cheesy things.  For me values are skills that make you human. Ethics are values that preserve balance. Manners are what differentiate ordinary humans from fine human beings and goodness is the ability to have a heart when no one has it . Whether it is big, small or one made of gold. Goodness is the ability to use the values that make us so human.

These are my interpretations. But  values today are just mere instructions and sermons .  And I guess this makes people weary of sessions and seminars on value education. Because they expect to be sermonised to the bone in such sessions. But people, all I would like to say is give values and goodness a chance. Being nice and kind doesn’t mean you are going to be fooled and trampled on. This path of ideologies and values is a tough one, but be an equally tough nut to crack. These are my values.
PS: what are yours? Also , if you feel that I have been a didactic old hag, please feel free to tell me so in the comments section. Criticism is allowed, for I believe goodness is to give everyone a fair chance to be critical.


2 thoughts on “21st century and values.

    • Amrita Shenoy says:

      That is a great question Sarath. If I were you , I would still follow that tough path( which I am following) but at the same time, without the baggage of rigidity. I would never have values that make me boring and restrict me or others constantly and therefore I would never despise them too.


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