Mindful or mind full?

I apologise for not having blogged last Monday– my body had had enough of my carelessness and negligence. It protested, and I had to comply ! Mind you, lack of sleep and energy is no joke. It can prevent you from doing things you love to do.

Still not having recovered from my weakness, I went to attend a session on mindfulness in the Chinmaya mission ashram in Powai. I had imagined the day in my mind– I would be drowsy and bored and there would be a speaker ranting away to an uninterested audience. But I am glad I was proved wrong.

It is because of this session that I came to know some of the most interesting things ever. I learnt that on an average, the human mind thinks 60,000 thoughts and on each thought one thinks, energy is spent! So , it is not necessary that physical exertion can make you tired– mere thinking can make you weak and tired! Thinking more than what is required. Funnily, in those 60,000 thoughts 50 percent are said to be repetitive. This is so typical of mortals. Especially us humans!

After spending around six hours in the ashram, listening to the speaker , singing , hearing some really eye-opening facts , watching parts of a movie ( peaceful warrior) and seeing a soul rattling documentary– I left the ashram an enlightened person. I realised that multi tasking is a myth. I learnt to value my body and not ill-treat it like before. Also, I realised that being mindful is not something intensely philosophical ,spiritual or impossible to be. Nor is it a state of ‘ no emotions’, ‘blankness’, ‘ being in a trance’ or not working. It is , according to the speaker, also not talking slowly( I burst out laughing at this one) as some people pretending to be mindful do. To explain mindfulness really, let me quote something interesting from the movie I saw in the ashram:
” Where are you Dan?
What time is it ?
Who are you?
This moment.”

Mindfulness is simply that state, wherein we control the various distractions of our mind and apply it to the activity we are doing at the moment. It is the state when we give 100 percent attention to the present and stop thinking about anything but the present. The state where we bring our minds where our hands are.

This pretty much sums up all that I wanted to say today. Because primarily, in today’s world, we surround ourselves with the negativity of our own thoughts. Our minds are full , but no one is mindful. As I finish this, I feel happy that I have very mindfully written this article as I believe I have given it my 100 percent attention.
There. Now I can peacefully go to sleep!


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