007 days and the bond!

Last Monday I did not blog. The main reason for this was because I was in a camp. Not any camp, a social service camp. A camp where you aren’t allowed to use your smart phone every time. A camp where you have to report at 6 in the morning for exercises, where you have to cook for many people ( around 80) , clean utensils and roads, perform street plays and interact with village folk!

The camp was of seven days. Seven days or a week may be a small period for some, or a really large period for others. But, for me it was a magical one! I was a protected child–both physically and mentally. Also , I had grown up to be an individual of the 21st century. Someone who believed less in friendship and bonding. Someone who had grown up to become cynical about love. But these magical seven days, made me find a lot of things.


My roommates and me!

Firstly, I found cool roommates– those whose presence is more prominent in my heart now . Then, I stumbled upon the existence of a phenomena called ‘waking up early in the morning’ which was bittersweet as one does not like waking up early in the morning( for obvious reasons) but if he/she does, then ends up discovering beautiful things! I discovered my culinary skills. I discovered I could bond with people with pet names for each other, having lunch together, laughing and crying together or just plainly sitting beside each other in the camp fire.

Most importantly , I found reality. Real nature, real living, real people and of course , the real me. In this camp of seven days, not just did I bond with nature and some really beautiful people, but also myself. I began to pat myself on the back more often and tried to learn to appreciate myself and how I live !

I can never forget this. The entire experience was surreal and I must say that whenever you get such chances in life , you must go for suchΒ  experiences as they teach you the art of bonding. With others as well as yourself.


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