A huge thumbs down to Renee Zellweger’s new look.

The week before this one was shocking–one of Hollywood’s cutest looking actresses turned up in an event looking absolutely different from her usual self.

One can hardly recognise Renee Zellweger with those new wide eyes, reduced fat on the face, reduction in lip size. It makes one wonder, what on earth did she do to her old face? Though she has performed many roles beautifully and even won an Oscar for one of them, she is best remembered as chubby Bridget Jones. Bridget Jones– brought to life by Zellweger with a terrific performance and of course ,with her sharp eyes , cherubic face and creamy( almost pinkish) complexion. Two installments later, a third one is coming soon in the Bridget Jones franchise and I wonder whether the makers will cast her at all! Yes that is how different she looks! See for yourself.

In the above picture, on the left is how Zellweger looked originally and on the right is her new look. It is obviously evident that her face has been tampered with by plastic surgery. Experts are already theorising how she must have had it done. One of the theories was particularly gross– it suggested her eyelids had been cut slightly in order to ” widen ” her eyes!

As I look at her ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, my heart sighs. Yes. It is true, that there are people in the world whose insecurities are visible on their faces. Literally. My only question to Zellweger is why did she  have to do away with her trademark features? That drastic change comes from the fact that she no more had her trademark, narrow, sharp eyes.  It is sad that she did away with her unique features and transformed herself into an average looking woman– typical and boring.

Much of my criticism is coming as a fan who felt cheated. To be a nasty blogger and hurting the actresses’ or her other fans’ feelings is not my intention. On a concluding note, i feel that we can live as “beautiful” people with liposuction, vampire facials, skin bleaching, starving etc.
But , we can also choose to live beautifully as nothing but ourselves. The choice is after all, ours.


4 thoughts on “A huge thumbs down to Renee Zellweger’s new look.

  1. Aditi Bhattacherjee says:

    I completely agree with you! she has destroyed her unique facial features. those chubby cheeks and many things including Her “individuality”.


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