What is the sixth sense?

So I turned 18 over a quiet dinner with my family. Well ,turns out it wasn’t so quiet. We–the Shenoys are great talkers , I confess ! 18 feels great , but a part of my heart is missing those years when I used to unwrap presents with the glee of a wide eyed puppy. The wrapping paper would be shiny, sparkling and so would be my eyes.

Anyway,eighteen or not–I can swear that I will never lose my curiosity! A fact about me is that I love to spend my time observing, and mark my words; observing leads to curiosity!Sample this: I know that my day, for some inexplicable reason, is going to be bad. And lo! Behold! It is bad indeed. So here, I observe that I predicted that my day is going to be bad. And this is not the only prediction I have done! “Don’t trust this person, she doesn’t seem worthy of it!”, “ I am going to win this” ,“I should avoid going out today.” , “ Let me not eat out, this can make me unwell.”

These are some of the ‘predictions’ I have made and quite fantastically, I have observed that they have helped me! I just ask myself and my readers,what part of us helps in such decision making? What exactly is the sixth sense, ask my grey cells– itching with curiosity ! I have observed that if I go against my intuition, my own prophecies , I end up in trouble. That means whatever it is , the sixth sense also has an unparalleled track record of being right!

Now look around ( you may have to stop reading for a while ). You may notice many things. But let me tell you , your brain has registered a lot more which you are not aware of, because it is in your subconscious mind (read Sigmund Freud).You understand , see and hear a lot more things than you know, and this is precisely the information that results into those handy ‘predictions’!

I believe that this is a conclusion good enough for my curiosity. The subconscious mind happens to be the mysterious sixth sense. Now these are my thoughts dear reader. I give you the complete liberty to tell me what you think. I am sure the comment section will welcome your thoughts with open arms 🙂 😉


2 thoughts on “What is the sixth sense?

  1. Ashwin Syam says:

    I think it works both ways. We are able to process a huge amount of Information sub consciously which leads us to have a hunch about things. However there are instances where our pre-conceived notions lead to a self fulfilling prophecy too…Now proving that our attitude lead to the eventual outcome or not is debatable! 🙂

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    • Amrita Shenoy says:

      Well, I am a sucker for psychoanalysis! So the former theory works well for me! Though, it is unbelievable ( a matter of sheer coincidence) that your preconceived notion theory actually worked for me a couple of times! And so the truth is, human matters are always debatable!


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