This week!

Monday night is here again!Welcome folks ! Excitement is here!
This week is super exciting for me for a number of reasons.

This week my hero , my music idol Eminem is going to turn a year older on 17th. What’s even more exciting is I am turning 18 on , hold your breath, the same day ! You see, god rewarded me by having me come to this world on the same day as my idol 😉

Well, birthdays apart , this is the week before diwali! This means a lot in India! This is the week every house will be cleaned thoroughly, mothers will chase cockroaches with brooms swinging, new clothes will be tried on in front of sparkling mirrors– I guess I have explained enough. And of course, I will be painting old earthen diyas or lamps to make them bright.

All this apart, there are tensions too. This is my last week as a child–officially .My brother says I can watch Anabelle after that! Also, I will be doing a lot of community service this week thanks to my college. I shudder to think of the day I may have to cancel prior commitments to friends because of this ! Wait. The word ‘friends’ reminded me of Supriya. And Aruna. People whom I can no longer call best friends because we have graduated to sisters. They won’t be there with me when I turn 18. What a heartache. Oh well, at least they are in my heart, close to me. At least family will be with me.
Another tension is cotton. Yes. You read right. Cotton. For my ears. I have to find enough supplies to protect my ears from the cacophony that will penetrate every ear drum in this country from probably, day after tomorrow! Crackers, you see ( I guess hear!)

So this week is exciting. Very. But all of it is not positive. There is some negativity too. Some apprehensions. For some reason, though its only 13th October , I already feel like it’s 31st. Halloween. Scary Halloween, when your fears and apprehensions gnaw at you every minute of the day.
Anyway, what is life without these little hassles? It is a bowl of maggi with too much water and no taste maker. All white and bland.
If you want to make life interesting, you have to attack such tensions like a charging bull ! Okay, I think these are too many wise words from a 17 year old. A 17 year old who is five days short of 18!

Well, I ranted big time. But I am sure you have guessed that I am just an excited girl, who is trying to fit the last few days of her childhood in this article!
Didn’t believe me? You will. Just count the number of exclamatory marks in this article. It’s higher than any of the heartistic articles I have written !


4 thoughts on “This week!

  1. Yash says:

    “mothers will chase cockroaches with brooms swinging” – I have put cockroach gel in places at my home to get rid of them.
    I share with you the sensitivity of ears to noise pollution. I hate the noise that people create by bursting crackers (bombs, not the harmless ones). But I don’t necessarily put cotton in my ears. That I did when I was small, now only if I am going out and I feel the need. My eyes are sensitive too, to smoke, and even my tongue/mouth can be said to be sensitive ! – to spicy food.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amrita Shenoy says:

      So true Yash. Pollution of all sorts in diwali is obnoxious :/ :/ I still resort to putting cotton! And trust me, I get a headache whenever there is smoke :3
      And well , I am glad you have put cockroach gel : p 🙂 Hope you have a great diwali 🙂


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