My apologies!

Hello Mr/ Mrs / miss loyal friend/relative ! I apologize for not having written last Monday, you see– I had been having my exams.

Roughly 48 hours since my exams ended I have cleaned my house to make it spotlessly clean, brushed my hair the exact number of times as the number of stars in the sky, made a shitty canvas painting ( emotionally blackmailing my poor aunt to hang it in her new house ) and made sandwiches to die for. Wow. How uneventful, considering all the activities on Facebook, Instagram and blah blah blah.

Today friends , I owe you an apology once more, for from this word onwards , this article is going to lose all it’s linguistic charm and stoop down low , to a state of a to-be eighteen year old’s ramblings.Today I have nothing interesting and captivating to hold your attention because my mind is currently like the egg my brother tried to boil in a microwave, which burst with a frightening sound.
As I write this I am also checking Facebook. I can see many statuses on flipkart’s mega sale. Come on. A DSLR for thirteen thousand rupees is insane, I think. And also pretty tragic because I couldn’t lay my hands on it.
What is more tragic is that today I have no magic. To write. It’s tragic , really , that I fear I might lose some of my readers because of the quality of this article.

But I tell myself,the paranoid part of me– that I should allow myself the pleasure of being myself. For just this day. Every time a writer writes , he always writes for another and I believe this is a fact. Great are those people who write for themselves , for their own hearts to feel warm.
So just today dear reader , I have no theme for this writeup. It is just me writing what I feel spontaneously. Just me writing for myself, to have an outlet to release a few of a gazillion thoughts flowing in a magnificent creation of god , called the human brain.
Well, I am going for a day out with my father and brother tomorrow! We are supposed to get up early. I throw myself on the bed and think of a way to sleep.

Maybe I should count. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,…

PS: If you are still reading this, I laud you for your nobility and patience or probably laud god for reverse psychology. You see, I had given you the liberty to abandon this article– and you are still reading it till this line!


9 thoughts on “My apologies!

  1. apoorvi says:

    You somewhat tried to explain the fyba literature students,what stream of consciousness actually means!
    So u see this article of Urs isn’t all a waste!
    I loved the way u r guilty for not having anything substantial to write but at the same time u r calling urself ‘great’ indirectly – great are the people who write for themselves 😂.. Hehe I liked it!!!!


    • Amrita Shenoy says:

      Appy! Thank you so so much for reading this and providing so amazing an analysis ! I mean , I hadn’t thought anyone would get that stream of consciousness part! But you did :’) love you my loyal lovely :*


  2. Anjana Shanbag says:

    Ambu… I am a fan of Indian Writers in English and now I have added one more to my list. and I am proud to have found a place in your writing… looking forward to the painting 🙂


    • Amrita Shenoy says:

      Oh my god . That means a lot to me! Thank you so much for including me in your list of Indian favourites ! And the painting is all yours, burn it , hang it or keep it as a will be there to haunt you 😉 :p


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