Why some can’t sleep!


So it’s a Monday night again and like every time, inspiration knocks the doors of my brain, past 10:00! Many in this continent are probably trying to sleep , but I can assure you , I am not getting any. Come on. How can a person, getting those hot showers of creative impulses fall asleep so quickly ? There .I have explained my insomnia. But what are the others thinking ? Why can’t they sleep? Have you ever wondered? I have, and trust me, one thing leads to another. My quest for finding out why some people can’t sleep led to a poem. So presenting to you , a poem I had written sometime back:

Twelve ticks the clock,
but asleep I am not.
I gape at the moon,
like a boisterous buffoon.
Why am I awake?
why for heaven’s sake?

Is it my throat,
that’s paining like hell,
or my heart as empty,
as a water-less well?
Is it some mosquito,
that’s feasting on my blood,
or the itching in my right toe,
which was bitten by my pug?

Is it the sinful sum that I lent,
for which in Jail I could be sent?
Is it my back,
that’s been aching for a while,
or my conscience for abandoning,
my parents senile?
Is it the countless lies that I told,
or the fact that to the devil,
my soul I sold?

Maybe sleep comes to those,
who do fewer sins,
who say fewer lies,
and cherish what they win.
So with a sigh and a smile,
I lie wide awake with
a conclusion in sight,
that only those people sleep,
whose guilt, whose worries
are fast, fast asleep.

So here ends my poem. As someone who loves writing , I would love to have feedback for the above. You see, some things in life cannot be  accounted for by one person– they need viewpoints from everyone! So , now that I am done writing this , I am going to go, drink some water and prepare myself for an intense all nighter. You see , exam things! So , see you next Monday night people ( my loyal , beautiful friends and well wishers ). Sleep well 😉


6 thoughts on “Why some can’t sleep!

  1. Anupama Shenoy says:

    Ambu….I remember as a baby you deprived me of sleep for the first three months….what a cranky irritable little mite you were! But now your poem will keep me awake….it is thought provoking! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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