It’s 10:41. I hear the chant ofΒ  “Ganpati Bappa Morya“, as the last party that had gone for the Visarjan come back after immersing their divine visitor of ten days . The Ganesh Chaturthi– the festival of India’s beloved Elephant God has finally come to an end.

All Ganesh Mandals and homes, where the idols were placed are now filled with an emptiness that is inexplicable. Probably, this is a strange reason why I love this festival so much. While it gives us our ten days of enjoyment and bliss, it teaches us about one of the most important things in life- the art of refraining from over attachment and knowing that all good things come to an end, all that comes has to go. Though people sink their heavy Ganesh idols with heavier hearts, they know that they have to let go of the past to make way for the future- something that can be so beautifully seen when they say “pudcha varshi lavkar ya” which means come back quickly the next year!


These ten days have been surreal. Socialising , eating , singing ,praying, chanting , selfies (Gasp! How could I forget them?) ..these ten days have also been very busy! As an idol or two sinks deep in some sea in this country , I along with probably a million others wonder how I am going to cope up with the ennui , the boredom of not being busy. Still, keeping up with the spirit of this festival I look forward to this year and the next Ganesh utsav with optimism.

As I think of a way to end this write up, an idea elbows its way to the top of all thoughts gallivanting about in my brain. I chose to write my first blog on Ganesh utsav not just because of the mental and emotional impact the festival has in me every year, not just because today is the day it has ended , but also because lord Ganesha is the god of luck . All new ventures should begin with his presence, his blessings.

So having lucky lord Ganesha as the subject of my first blog and having sunken my fears and apprehensions with him, I come to an end to this blog. Dear lord Ganesha, come again next year for , GANPATI BAPPA! WE WANT MORE OF YA!


18 thoughts on “GANPATI BAPPA , MORE OF YA!

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